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May 16, 2018

Staff Book Review: Wolfie & Fly

Staff Book Review: Wolfie & Fly by Cary Fagan

Review by: Angela Dubinger

Renata Wolfman likes facts, reading, and being by herself. She’s not sure why she needs to have friends, as her parents suggest, and she is perfectly fine with her own opinions. Livingston Flott, on the other hand, loves chatting, adventure and imagination.  One afternoon while playing submarine alone, Renata hears a knock on the door and to her dismay, it’s Livingston. When he sees the submarine she’s made out of giant cardboard box, he insists on joining in. Soon they’re both inside the submarine, packed with food supplies and traveling underwater.What happens next surprises not only Renata but Livingston too. A fabulous twist ending!

This early chapter book is a funny and adventurous book for ages 7-10. The illustrations complement the story well, and Renata and Livingston’s unexpected friendship will delight readers young and old. The first book in a new series can be found at the library, and the second book BAND ON THE RUN is in our library collection too!