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May 29, 2018

Welcome to TrueFlix!

Welcome to TrueFlix!

By: Julie Armstrong

Non-fiction books often get overlooked when we talk about reading. Everyone wants to tell you about the last good mystery or adventure book that they read, but what about the last book on colonizing Mars or about habitat loss for the endangered polar bears?

Non-fiction books are an important tool for you to use in your research for projects or reports.  Hamilton East Public Library provides an online resource that provides content from the True Book series with a diverse collection of related videos, web links and photgraphs.

Here’s an easy step-by-step tutorial that will help you navigate TrueFlix:

You can find TrueFlix by clicking here, or on our library database search. You can then easily scroll down to  TrueFlix and log on using your library card number.  This is what you will find:

From here you can access and read a wide variety of TrueBook content ranging in topics from “People, Places and History” on the left to  “Science and Nature” on the right.  Let’s say that you have a report to do about the  Animal Kingdom so you click on the first link in the “Science and Nature” column to bring you to this screen:

Your report is about “Mammals” so you click on the TrueBook  titled Mammals.

From here you can watch a short video clip that talks about the characteristics that all mammals share and then read the actual book by clicking on the arrow to open and turn the pages. By then clicking on “Explore More” you can have access to a multitude of Scholastic Go! Articles about all different kinds of mammals. The “Project Idea” tab takes you to this project idea that reinforces the different between carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

The “Activity Center” link gives you a short question and answer activity as well as a word matching game.  “Explore the Web” provides additional links if you still wants more.

Easy Peasy! Ask a Youth Services Librarian if you need more help navigating this useful database.