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April 24, 2024

Q&A with Maker-in-Residence Christina Hollering


Ignite Studio welcomes our next Maker-in-Residence, Christina Hollering. Visit Ignite Studio May-July 2024 to meet her.

Christina Hollering is a visual artist, muralist, and associate professor at Herron School of Art and Design. She currently works out of her studio at 201 Studios in Indianapolis. She received a BFA in painting and an MFA in painting and drawing in 2022 from Herron School of Art and Design. Christina’s art explores themes of biology, the environment, and the intersection of art and science. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, her compositions challenge viewers to contemplate their relationship with the environment and its creatures.


Q&A with Maker-in-Residence Christina Hollering

What mediums do you work in and why?

I enjoy working with a variety of materials, including cut paper, spray paint, vinyl, and 3D prints. These mediums provide a range of textures, layers, and meanings that fortify my body of work.

Where do you draw artistic inspiration from?

I find a lot of inspiration from books, nature and photos I take during my daily walks. Teaching at Herron School of Art and Design is incredibly inspiring as well. Just walking through the halls filled with fresh artwork is inspiring as well as having other professional artists and professors to bounce ideas off of.

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What is your favorite art tool/supply?

My Cricut does the heavy lifting in my art practice. I previously hand-cut all of my paper cuttings but it eventually became too taxing on my body. With the Cricut, I can now work more efficiently, accelerating my creative process and sparking ideas faster. Plus the files can be translated to other materials such as wood, metal and vinyl.

Who are some of your favorite artists?

I admire Crystal Wagner for her biomorphic compositions and large-scale installations, Gregory Euclide for his multidimensional artworks created through collage using various mediums, Frank Stella for his dynamic sculptural painting and bold colors, and Lee Bontecou for her otherworldly sculptures evoking the imagery of black holes.

Day in the Garden II

What kinds of things will you be doing during your residency in Ignite?

Collaborating with the public to create a scale cut paper sculpture/installation, while also integrating 3D prints and laser cut elements within my artwork. However, my aim extends beyond personal exploration; I want to foster an environment where individuals can embrace experimentation, play, and leave with an understanding of the technologies available to them through the Ignite Studio, and how they can incorporate them into their own art practice.

What art accomplishment are you most proud of?

Recently, three of my artworks were featured during the NBA All-Star 2024 weekend. Among them was a light-activated, 90s-inspired selfie booth, which received mention, along with my name, in Forbes.

A Case for a Clover Lawn

What is something you still hope to accomplish in art?

I want to continue experimenting with technology and incorporating it into my artistic practice. I would love to see my work grow into large scale, interactive installations that are experienced both nationally and internationally.

What else do you want the HEPL community to know about you?

I’m excited to collaborate with the HEPL community and make art together! I strongly believe in the power of synergy, where the best ideas emerge through collective effort and collaboration.