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June 01, 2016

Through the Woods

Through the WoodsThrough the Woods

By: Emily Carroll

I have read a lot of comic books growing up, this is my first ever Graphic novel and I really was not sure what I was getting into. When I saw the cover I thought it would resemble the movie “Into the Woods”, but boy was I wrong. For teens that are into horror filled graphics I would highly recommend this title.

There are a total of five short stories in this book. All of them contained a spooky or completely frightening plot that will keep readers on the edge of their seat. The author also managed to include suspense in the atmosphere. The stories were short which means that this was a fast read and you don’t have to wait for something interesting to happen.

The writing was simplistic and there are multiple styles of drawings. I feel it is the illustration’s that will keep the reader actively engaged in the short stories. Another thing I noticed is that every story ended on a cliffhanger. Maybe some will not mind this, but I was not a fan. Even though this graphic novel was not for me I do highly recommend it to every fan of dark fairy tales and graphic novels.

Review By: Donna Warfel