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May 23, 2016

The Rookie Bookie

Rookie BookieThe Rookie Bookie

By: Jon Wertheim & Tobias Moskowitz

The Rookie Bookie was written by two men who are Indiana natives and childhood friends. Added to that, the setting of the book is in Indiana. What more could you ask for in a Young Hoosier Book Award nominee!

You might say you could ask for a good story, and The Rookie Bookie fills the bill. This book is the story of Mitch Sloan, who comes up with an unorthodox scheme to fit in at his new school. He decides to start taking wagers on football games, in effect acting as a bookie. Readers of this book will enjoy the story, and also learn a few things along the way. Things like social skills and the way to true friendships, football strategy (like when to punt and when to go for it on 4th down), and how you sometimes really do use all that math you learned in school.

The Rookie Bookie was an enjoyable book, one I would recommend to middle school and older readers, especially football fans.

Review By: Connie Boomer