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November 23, 2021

The Road to Completing College Applications: Transcripts and Test Scores

By Maggie Chen

Unlike the previous college application blog sections that were writing based, this section does not have an essay to write and submit. Much of this section deals with you requesting either your guidance counselor or  College Board to send official materials like your transcript, test scores, and AP scores to your colleges. Some colleges may also require self-reported grades and scores.

Transcripts: Your guidance counselor will send transcripts to the colleges you are applying to once you have made a formal request. A transcript is a certified record of all the courses you took, the grades you earned, and credits you got.

Transcripts will include information on the type of course: regular, honors, dual credit or ACP, AP, and IB. If your grades are self-reported, make sure to choose the applicable course type. Transcripts may take a while to send, so make sure you request them early through the appropriate medium.

Test Scores: You should first check if the college you are applying to requires a test and see what scores they’re looking for. The test scores refer to the SAT/ACT offered by the College Board. Some colleges may require you to take the ACT with the essay. Test scores can be self-reported or reported officially by using the free score sends service on College Board.

Study resources for the SAT/ACT can be found on Khan Academy after syncing your College Board account. You can also use YouTube and the Hamilton East Public Library for study guides. Some schools may offer SAT/ACT prep classes. Students prepare for the SAT/ACT by taking the PSAT/PACT in earlier years. If you receive a high score on any of these tests, you may qualify for scholarships.   


AP Scores: Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered by College Board. Students will complete coursework equivalent to an intro-level college course while in high school. Students will study for the final exam taken in either December or May. You should indicate what colleges you want the scores to be sent to automatically. You should first check the college’s website and whether they accept the AP credit and if the score earns credit for their institution.  


Meet Maggie

Hi! I am Maggie Chen and I’m American-Chinese. I speak Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. My hobbies include collecting 3D Crystal Puzzles, purses or handbags, pillows, and music albums. I also enjoy listening to music, reading Webtoons, trying DIYs or crafts, watching TV shows, traveling, and learning foreign languages. I am best described as an experimentalist and social butterfly.