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January 23, 2017

The Green Glass Sea

The Green Glass SeaThe Green Glass Sea

By: Ellen Klages

Moving to Los Alamos, New Mexico during WWII means eleven-year-old Dewey Kerrigan will live with her mathematician father on a deserted military base called “The Hill”.  Unlike most military bases, “The Hill” is full of computer techs, other mathematicians, scientists and their families. They are quite secretive about “the gadget” research done on base, but Dewey is happy to meet famous scientists and tinker with her own mechanical inventions. School, friendships, tragedy and responsibility, including the children, to wartime secrets, gives the reader many perspectives. Eventually, Dewey learns more about the secret of the “Manhattan Project” and visits the aftermath of the first atomic bomb site.

This title received the Scott O’Dell Award for historical fiction and has great descriptions of transportation, clothing and idioms for that era. The sequel, “White Sands, Red Menace” follows Dewey and her friend/sister as they reach high school.

Review By: Debra Wietecha