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May 09, 2018

Take a Hike

Take a Hike

By: Nickole Shipley

Now that the weather is warmer you might desire to be outside more often. A great way to be outdoors which has some healthy benefits to it is hiking.

Beyond the scenic views in nature and wildlife there are health benefits to it, such as lowering your risk for heart disease, improving your blood pressure, and blood sugar levels, improving balance and your core. There are many places to hike in Hamilton County notwithstanding the many places you could hike if you are willing to travel. In Hamilton County alone, you could hike in a number of places:

  • Strawtown Koteewi Park
  • MacGregor Park
  • Freedom Trail Park
  • Potter’s Bridge
  • The Monon
  • Cool Creek Park
  • White River Greenway Trail
  • Cyntheanne Park
  • Geist Park
  • Flat Fork Creek Park
  • Coxhall Gardens

There is also a hiking club in Indy that meets together for hikes daily if you are interested. In fact, they have multiple hikes daily. So if getting fit or just getting outside for some beautiful views interests you now that the weather is warmer, consider taking a hike.