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August 17, 2015

Sure Signs of Crazy

Sure Signs of Crazy

By: Karen HarringtonSure signs of crazy

Sarah Nelson has just turned 12 and like most girls her age she is struggling with identity issues. Sadly, Sarah has a harder struggle than her peers. She is famous, actually her mother is due to a traumatic incident in Sarah’s past. Because of this incident Sarah and her father have had to move every time they are recognized as “that family.”

During summer break Sarah has decided to launch an investigation into her family’s “big secret.” She records her thoughts in her diaries and through letters to her literary hero, Atticus Finch. She makes new friends, has her first real crush and becomes bolder and more courageous in terms of standing up to her alcoholic father.

This book has a lot of heart and deals with some non-typical big issues, but underneath those layers it is really just a story of growing up. The progression Sarah makes as a character from the start of the novel to end is astonishing and readers would be daft not to admire Sarah’s gusto.

This is a Young Hoosier Book nominee recommended for readers in grades 6th-8th.

Review By: Allison Kartman