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June 09, 2015

Seer of Shadows

Seer of ShadowsSeer of Shadows

By: Avi

The year is 1872. Society is adjusting to the aftermath of the Civil War and the growth of science and industry. Fourteen-year-old Horace Carpetine becomes a photographer’s apprentice; when a wealthy society matron named Mrs. Frederick Von Macht orders a photographic portrait, strange things begin to happen! Horace’s first real photographs reveal the image of the Von Macht’s dead daughter, Eleanora. How can Horace admit to himself or anyone else that he can see ghosts through his photography? Hasn’t he been taught that there is a scientific explanation for everything?

Avi is an award-winning, beloved author of children’s books. He says that he always wanted to write a novel about his hobby—photography–and Seer of Shadows is the result. I loved, loved, loved it. Not only is it great historical fiction, with a focus on “spirit” photography, it is also a downright creepy ghost story.

Review By: Ellen Dworkin