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July 03, 2017

Scholastic Year in Sports 2017

Scholastic Year in Sports 2017

By: James Buckley

Calling all sports fans! If you are looking for a great book that highlights all the wonderful athletic achievements from the previous year than this title is perfect for you. The 2017 edition features full-color action photography from around the globe, fully updated facts & stats, and a wonderful attention grabbing format and design. Various athletic stars (male and female) are highlighted from all the mainstream sports. But, this book also includes player profiles within secondary, extreme and amateur athletics. Although it would have been nice to see a bit more detail given to women’s and amateur sports, this book does a commendable job in offering some information about each topic.

One of my favorite features is the championship time lines that allow the reader easy access to information about past teams and the titles they have won. If you have a reluctant reader that is a sports fan the Scholastic Year in Sports 2017 may be a perfect fit for them. The overall look, format, text and photos/graphics really help make this title an exciting opportunity for reading and learning.

Audience: Children’s, Grade 4-6 / Age 9-11.

This book is perfect for athletic beginners, as well as the most devoted fans. Four out of five stars! RAA

Review by: Anders Arnold

Review By: Anders Arnold