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May 18, 2018

Say What?

Say What?

By: Connie Boomer

At my first job after graduating from college I had a co-worker who was fond of saying “all you’ll see is elbows and heels” as she was heading out the door at the end of the day.  At my next job my boss used to say “there’s no rush, but hurry every chance you get”.  My dad always said “right church, wrong pew” when you were really close to finding something, but not quite there.

After doing a bit of research I couldn’t decide if there was a word that adequately described what you would call these phrases, so I am going to call them sayings.  Does your family have a funny saying?  Is it something that maybe other people don’t understand unless you explain?

I always think my dad had a saying for everything, and I quote him often.  One of my favorites is one he would always say when I was standing in the way, usually right in front of the television.  He would say “Connie, you make a better door than a window”, his way of telling me to stop blocking his view!

Here are some great children’s books that explore these sayings:

Wordplay by Adam Lehrhaupt

Fowl Play by Travis Nichols

 You’re Pulling my Leg by Pat Street

Go Fly a Kite by Cynthia Amoroso

Raining Cats and Dogs by Michael Barton

Speaking American by Josh Katz