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November 16, 2015

Rot and Ruin

Rot & RuinRot and Ruin

By: Jonathan Maberry

Fifteen year old, Benny Imura, lives in a small, fenced-in community where 15 year olds must be employed or face having their rations cut in half.  Rot & Ruin is also about the friendships and relationships that Benny develops with his peers, his brother, and others in the community.  There are also mysteries to solve, such as the story he is told about a mysterious girl known as “The Lost Girl”.  Benny’s older brother, Tom has an interesting career as a zombie hunter (but prefers to be called a “Closure Specialist”) and after Benny realizes that several other jobs weren’t going to work out for him, he half-heartedly decides to work as his older brother’s apprentice in the “Family Business.”  When he begins working with his brother, he goes on several adventures and meets some interesting and dangerous characters such as Charlies Pink-eye and Motor City Hammer.  After Benny and his brother Tom venture out beyond the fenced-in community into the Rot and Ruin, Benny experiences and sees things that alter his judgement of his brother and the ways in which he views the world and humanity.

Rot & Ruin is a great read if you enjoy post-apocalyptic books with adventure, zombies, a touch of romance, and strong teen characters who must learn how best to survive in a tough world.  If you enjoy this story, there are four more in the series (also written by Jonathan Maberry): Dust & Decay, Flesh & Bone, Fire & Ash and Bits & Pieces (Grades 9th -12th).

Review By: Christina Fitch