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December 26, 2016

Rise of the Earth Dragon (Dragon Master Series)

screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-4-31-14-pmRise of the Earth Dragon (Dragon Master Series)

By: Tracey West

Drake is a farm boy in medieval times.  He is ordered by King Roland’s soldier to leave his family’s onion farm and accompany him to the castle. There Drake learns his destiny is to join the other young Dragon Masters, and train his own dragon.  He has never been away from home and is not sure if he fits in.  The Dragon stone has chosen him. Does Drake have what it takes to bond with his dragon?  Drake felt nervous.  “How am I supposed to train a dragon?”  He thought.  “What if I fail?  What if I am not a Dragon Master at all?”  This book is full of action and danger.  Young readers seeking lots of adventure and magic are sure to love this story.  This is the first book in the Dragon Masters series.  I would recommend this early chapter book for first to third grade readers.


Review By: Roberta O’Boyle