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June 22, 2015

Owl Babies

Owl BabiesOwl Babies

By: Martin Wadell

Three baby owls wake up one morning and wonder where their “mommy” has gone. What is she doing and when will she come home? As the three (Sarah, Percy and Bill) sit on a branch of a tree they encounter many different night sounds. With each noise the youngest (Bill) becomes more and more worried about his “mommy”. His older sister and brother keep reassuring him that “mommy” will be back soon and there is nothing to worry about. As the night goes on mom returns “softly and silently, she swooped through the trees to Sarah and Percy and Bill”. The expression on the faces of the baby owls conveys so much and fits in wonderfully with the simple text as the baby owls wait and wait.
Have your children participate in the telling of this uplifting picture book. This is also a great story to read with your child that may have separation anxiety because they know you will always come home.


Review By: Donna Warfel