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August 27, 2018

Or Would You Rather Be A Fish?

Or Would You Rather Be A Fish?

By: Connie Boomer

While eating dinner last night my husband was telling me that there were eight squirrels in our back yard that afternoon.  He described how they were all jumping around, chasing each other, and generally having a party in our yard!  It got me thinking….would it be fun to be a squirrel?

I looked up “shapeshifting – fiction” in our catalog and found some interesting reading possibilities that involve people turning into animals.  They are, to name a few:

Animorphs by Katherine Applegate

Upside down magic by Sarah Mlynowski

Spirit animals by multiple authors

Simon Thorn by Aimée Carter

If you need to research your favorite animal, look in the J 597.0 numbered books.

I’ve always wanted to be a giraffe, but it seems the squirrels might have more fun!