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November 14, 2016

Life After Juliet

life-after-julietLife After Juliet

By: Shannon Lee Alexander

How can one handle the “real world” when the one “real thing” in their life is ripped away from them? When Becca Hanson’s best friend Charlotte died, her world came crumbling down and an escape plan was devised. Becca found peace in reading books, with solitude as a new best friend. She became more socially distant in school and at home. Nothing could make Becca feel like she did when Charlotte was still alive.

Enter Max Herrera…

He’s experienced loss as well and as many have said before, “Like is drawn to like”. Max brings Becca back to life through his dreamy, dark eyes and his uncanny ability to see her as no one else can. Before Becca knows it she’s making friends, auditioning for a play and learning to weld! As her life begins to feel more “real” her longing for Charlotte becomes an emotional tug of war. 

Through all the ups and downs that life (and death) can bring us, Becca Hanson must realize that love is a complicated thing and happy endings aren’t always guaranteed. In a highly anticipated follow-up novel, Shannon Lee Alexander delivers the goods and then some with LIFE AFTER JULIET. The author’s ability to make you laugh, cry and reflect all within the same paragraph is amazing. I cannot count how many times I was able to relate a passage from this book to my own personal loss and gain in life. This book is truly inspiring and relates to readers of all ages. 5 out of 5 stars. 


Review By: Anders Arnold