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January 31, 2017

Just in Time, Abraham Lincoln

8892040Just in Time, Abraham Lincoln 

By: Patricia Polacco


Patricia Polacco is one of my favorite picture book authors.  Polacco is very creative with all her books.  She finds a way to incorporate education in an entertaining way into all her books.

This story is about two young boys Michael and Derek who are visiting their Grandmother.  They take a very enjoyable train ride through the countryside.  The boys’ are not allowed to have any electronic games on them, but the youngest has a lucky penny he brings on the trip.  The penny just happens to play an important part of the time travel aspect of this story.  The boys get to visit a Civil War Museum where they end up playing a history game with the museum Director.  The Director, who is also a Civil War expert lets the boys put on Union uniforms to help make the game more real.

During the game, the three travel back in time to 1862, the American Civil War where yes they get to meet Abraham Lincoln.  Abraham has a very long section in the story, which is not only educational, but written in such a way that it keeps the reader’s attention.  Here is the historical aspect of the story.  The boys not only get to learn more about Mr. Lincoln but also have a better understanding of what happened during the war.  Ms. Polacco puts a “twist” at the end of the story to keep you on your toes.  Ms. Polacco’s time travel is so fascinating. You never knew history museums could be a gateway into our past.

The illustrations for me were very realistic and engaging.  The detail of the battle scenes were fuzzy and not overly graphic just right for young readers.

For ages 7-9 but also a great read for older reluctant readers.

Review By: Donna Warfel