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March 14, 2016

In a Blink

In a BlinkIn a Blink

By Kiki Thorpe

Kate, Mia and Lainey are three friends who enjoy playing in the backyard. Mia’s little sister, Gabby likes to play with the girls even if she is uninvited. Their ordinary day turns into an adventure when Gabby catches a fairy and in a blink the 4 girls are whisked off to Never Land. The girls enjoy visiting Pixie Hollow and experiencing all the magic. The fairies make the girls feel at home. The girls learn how each fairy is an individual and how they work together to make Pixie Hollow so special. Queen Clarion discovers a way for the girls to get home. No one is really ready for the adventure to end. Their fun could be just beginning.

In a Blink is a fun chapter book and the first in the Never Girls series. I recommend this book for readers age 7-12 especially if they love fairies.

Review By: Roberta O’Boyle