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August 08, 2016



By: Amie Kaufman

This is a book that you’ll either love or hate. It’s told entirely in emails, schematics, military files, IMs, medical reports and interviews. It takes a little getting used to but the story really won me over. It’s an action-packed, sci-fi, thriller with a bone-chilling touch of horror.

The year is 2575. Kady is dreading seeing her soon to be ex-boyfriend Ezra at school. That’s the least of her worries though because their planet comes under attack by rival megacorporations. She and Ezra are able to escape to the evacuating fleet only to find out they are being followed by the enemy, there’s a plaque onboard turning their fellow refugees into ravenous zombies and it seems nobody in power is telling the truth. If that’s not enough, the artificial intelligence (AI) that makes their ship run seems to be insane.

I read this on my e-reader but I would recommend the hardcopy since the graphics didn’t show up very well on the ipad. Gemina, Book 2 of the series, will be out this October and I can’t wait!

Review By: Jackie Humphrey