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May 17, 2016


ICECOREICECORE: A Carl Hobbes Thriller

By: Matt Whyman

Carl Hobbes is a seventeen-year-old British techno geek that hacked into the security systems of Fort Knox. Suddenly he is on an American “ghost flight” (not registered as an actual flight) to a military prison in the Arctic. His fellow passengers are terrorists and his captors appear as dangerous in their quest to find gold bars missing from Fort Knox. Carl knows nothing about the stolen gold, he only hacks, but how do you clear your name, escape and survive when you are so far off the grid?  There are a lot of deaths, near deaths and artillery contained in this book. Thrilling action and more action, it has been advertised as the television show 24 for teens. Definitely a “can’t put down” read that will have you checking for the next Carl Hobbes thriller.

Review By: Debra Wietecha