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April 26, 2016

I Yam a Donkey

I Yam a DonkeyI Yam a Donkey

By Cece Bell

I believe that some picture books are not just written for children but for adult’s enjoyment too.  “I Yam a Donkey” is a tale of a blue donkey that has a hard time grasping very basic grammar. Readers should be warned that the grammar used throughout the book is incorrect but that’s what makes this story outrageously funny!  The story is simply the donkey and yam speaking back and forth to each other.  The yam tries his best to correct the donkey’s grammar but only ends up confusing the donkey even more. This book is a great read out loud as long as the reader can control their own laughing!  The “moral” ending may seem a bit dark but that only adds to the enjoyment of the tale. Ages 4-8.

Review By: Ann Axon