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December 06, 2019

I Spy in the Indiana Room

I Spy in the Indiana Room

Written by: Nancy Massey

The Indiana Room recently acquired a new item. Well, it is new to the Indiana Room, but actually resided in the Youth Services area in Fishers. It joined a fellow bird of prey that arrived in the Indiana Room at the start of the renovation in Noblesville. Both birds now reside on top of the microfilm cabinets.  One is the Cooper’s hawk of Noblesville and the other is the great horned owl formerly of Fishers.

According to the plaque that arrived with the Cooper’s hawk, the Indiana Conservation Department and the Friends of the Library provided both birds in May 1995.  Next year, they will celebrate their 25th anniversary of being a part of the library.  Both birds make an impressive display in the Indiana Room, rightly so, as they are native to Indiana.  We have books in the Indiana Room to satisfy your curiosity about these birds of prey. Check out these two:

Permanent Resident Birds of Indiana by the Indiana Department of Conversation.

The Birds of Indiana by Russell Mumford and Charles Keller.

Sitting near the birds is the Hamilton County Bicentennial Torch, which commemorates Hamilton County’s participation in the 2016 Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay.  The Indiana Office of Tourism Development gave it to the library. Moving from the microfilm cabinets to a display case showing a few state emblems of Indiana.  This display features a book on the bicentennial of the Hoosier State. On this same display case, there is a pamphlet about the Brehm collection.

If you have not seen the Brehm collection, then you must take some time during the holidays to visit the Indiana Room and view the artwork on the walls.  The collection is phenomenal!  The pamphlet relates the history of the Brehms and provides some facts on the artwork you will be viewing.  The Brehms are well known artists from Noblesville. Remember to view the artwork above another display case, which holds two editions of Noble-opoly.

Noble-opoly, both editions, are products of a Junior Achievement company.  Fred’s Frozen Foods sponsored the first edition and Firestone Industrial Products sponsored the second one, 1983.  Both companies no longer exist in Noblesville just like most of the businesses on the game boards.  There is a lot of history represented on those boards!  I challenge you to find the companies and businesses that still exist!  Who remembers the location of Fred’s Frozen Foods?

Around the corner from the Noble-opoly games, you will discover three wall display cabinets with displays featuring Noblesville street scenes from the Joe Roberts Collection which were scanned and now available for viewing at Indiana Memory, an awesome stereoscopic collection, and the Adolph Mueller World War I display.  Adolph Mueller was first an English teacher at Noblesville High School and then served as principal.  While serving in France during World War I, Mr. Mueller filled two pocket diaries with his observations during gunfire.  When he safely returned home, he created a scrapbook filled with photos and memorabilia.  Both diaries and the scrapbook were scanned and available on Indiana Memory.  Be forewarned, some of the diary entries are heart wrenching.

Another display is the architect’s model of the Noblesville building when the building was renovated the first time back in 2004.  It is a fascinating display. I love the tiny little cars properly parked.  I like looking at the outside windows knowing the Indiana Room is right behind the inside windows.  Our second and most recent renovation changes the look to the back of the building with the new outside entrance to the children’s area.  Therefore, this model now represents a visual look at the history of the Noblesville Library.

We invite you to the Indiana Room for a personal tour from the Indiana Room staff. You will not only find interesting displays, but also print and database resources for your genealogy and local history research. See what else you can spy in the Indiana Room.