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July 27, 2021

Teen Guest Blog – Hot or Not Part III: Manga/Anime 

By Niko 

Hey, hey! It’s your boy back again with another hot anime list. This list includes my personal top 5 apocalypse/sci-fi manga/anime. Sometimes these two things go together in a single manga or anime. As I always say, this is my opinion and doesn’t have to be your opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that’s perfectly OK. So without further ado, this is my list. 

SchoolLive!, by Norimitsu Kaihou 

School-Live! is a manga about a group of girls who live at school for their perfectly normal, average club. Or is it? 

Magical Girl Apocalypse, by Kentaro Sato 

This manga is about an average day of school gone wrong. With the first part heavily focused on brutal killing by these unknown creatures, four questions are in everyone’s (who is alive still anyway) minds. What are these? Where did they come from? Who is behind this? How do we survive this? The second half is more about finding the answers to some of these questions. 

Kokoro Connect, by Sadanatsu Anda 

Taking a break from the apocalypse side of things, this manga is about a normal group of students in a notsonormal club who one day find themselves switching bodies. They have to figure out how to make it stop and who is doing this before it tears their friendship apart. How many secrets will be revealed in the process? 

Seraph of the End, by Takaya Kagami 

In this manga/anime the world as we know it is run by war. Humans and vampires have been fighting for years and all the adults have been killed. Some of the usedto be kids are adults, but none older than 13 survived the virus of unknown origin. Now Yu wants to kill all vampires for killing his “family”. But what secrets will he learn on his way? 

Girls’ Last Tour, by Tsukumizu 

In this manga/anime two girls explore their extremely bare, empty land. It’s never told what kind of war or events made the world like this. It is only known that they are the last few survivors. It’s unknown how these two ditzy,clumsy girls survived such an event, but you don’t need to know because their personalities will have you charmed in an instant. 

Meet Niko

Niko is a 15-year old at Noblesville High School. They enjoy horror, despite the fact that their anxiety does not in fact like horror. Edgar Allan Poe and H.P Lovecraft are their horror authors. They also enjoy anime and manga. Their favorite book universe is the Percy Jackson multiseries universe and they were very sad when the last related book came out. They also enjoy books and stories in the mystery genre, especially if there’s murder involved. Other than books, they enjoy writing, music, and art. They are currently working on writing a story, maybe one day it’ll be published.