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August 16, 2018

Have You Visited the Indiana Room Webpage?

Have You Visited the Indiana Room Webpage?

By: Nancy Massey

Well, if you are reading this blog; then the answer is yes!  However, there is more to the Indiana Room webpage than this blog. Let’s take a quick look. First, you will find a description and location of the Indiana Room and its collections.  The Indiana Room is on the second floor of the Noblesville Library.  This room is dedicated to the preservation and accessibility of local and state history, genealogy and family history records, books, documents, photos, and more.

You don’t have to physically visit the Indiana Room (but then you will miss working with dedicated Indiana Room staff who feel privileged to assist you in your local history or family history research) you can access wonderful research aids through the links on the webpage.  Are you looking for the cemetery in which your ancestor is buried? Check out our cemetery database. It holds the entries from our cemetery books. It is searchable by surname and cemetery.  Our newspaper database is searchable by surname and provides publication dates for obituaries, marriages, anniversaries and more. This database is great but recently we sent several Hamilton County newspapers to Newspapers.com to be digitized.  There is a link to our subscription.  If you have one of our library cards, you may search it from through remote access by going to our online resources page. For searching beyond 1962 all the way to 2008, come to the library and use the library’s computers.  Try it and I know you will quickly become addicted to the hunt!

But wait! There is more!  Are you looking for photographs of Noblesville’s past or Hamilton County teacher directories? You will find those by clicking on the links to our digital collections at Indiana Memory and the Hamilton County History collection hosted by IUPUI, also on Indiana Memory. Now that you found that photograph, how about researching the subject matter using the links to some of Hamilton County’s digitized county histories? We have links to four of the most used county histories.
Are you strictly doing genealogy research?  Well, there are links to some of the most used and free genealogy websites, such as Chronicling America Newspapers, Hoosier State Chronicles, FamilySearch.org, Findagrave.com, Indiana Sanborn Maps, and more.

Interested in maps? Have you checked out the Hamilton County Surveyor’s Office?  We have a link to the plat maps, aerial photos, and the 1866 Hamilton County map on that site.

Although we have several resources on the Indiana Room webpage, we have even more in the Indiana Room itself. So maybe you should visit both the webpage and the physical Indiana Room to see for yourself what you are missing.  Oops!  I almost forgot!  There is also the Indiana Room blog on the webpage!  But then, you already know that if you have read this far.

After you have visited the Indiana Room webpage, come to the Indiana Room itself. The Indiana Room staff are looking forward to your visit to the Indiana Room! We can hardly wait to show off our collection and research resources.