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February 22, 2016

Fancy Nancy

Fancy NancyFancy Nancy

By: Jane O’Connor

Although, Fancy Nancy is recommended for ages 4-7 I would also recommend it for younger and older readers.  The story line is easy to understand.

Meet Nancy, who loves all things fancy.  This does not mean she wants all things expensive or luxurious she just likes to be fancy.  She loves to be colorful and the illustrator does a fantastic job with demonstrating this with the bold beautiful colors that will help keep little girls eyes glued to the pages.   Nancy believes that more is ALWAYS better.  She wants her family to also be fancy.  Sometimes she will add frilly toothpicks to their sandwiches or she will try to teach her sister how to be a princess.  Nancy decides her family needs help so she advertises “fancy lessons” that she will teach to them.  Before they are allowed to go out to dinner one night Nancy helps them all become “fancy”.

Any little girl will love all of the Fancy Nancy books. All stories have bold beautiful colors.  Although, there are a number of Fancy Nancy books in the picture book area there are also quite a few in the early reader section.  I love all the Fancy Nancy books.  For anyone wanting to help their child to learn self-expression these are the stories for you. Nancy’s parents let her wear her outfits flashy even if it is not their style.  I find they all have a wonderful heart worming message about the importance of a supportive loving family. Especially, since her family is willing to “dress up fancy” to go out to dinner.

Review By: Donna Warfel