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August 31, 2015

Eighth Grave After Dark

EightGraveAfterDarkEight Grave After Dark

By: Darynda Jones

I just finished reading a really fun book.  Eighth Grave After Dark is the 8th book in a series by Darynda Jones.  In this series, it is pretty easy to tell what order the books should be read in as they all have a number as part of their title.  But every so often I read a book and find out after I’ve finished it that it was part of a series.  If you’d like to avoid that unhappy mistake before you being a book you should check to see if it is part of a series.

There are two websites I use to look for series.  The first was created by the librarians at Kent District Library in Michigan.  It is https://ww2.kdl.org/libcat/whatsnext.asp  This website is great when you know just one piece of information, like the author, or the title or series, and you want to find out the other pieces.  Once you find the author, it lists all of their series with their books listed in order.  The other website I use is https://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk  It lists everything by an author – both series and standalone books.  I like that it shows the covers of the books as well as a synopsis.  You do need to be aware that fantasticfiction is out of the UK, so sometimes the title is slightly different than the American title, though they usually list both.  It is my favorite website when looking up books.

As to Eighth Grave After Dark, if is a fun combination of supernatural beings here on earth in people form, their earthly friends, and always a criminal mystery to be solved.  Supernatural beings are not my normal cup of tea.  Nor are Mysteries.  But I love Janet Evanovich and these books are just as fun as hers.  But please don’t read this book first, start with First Grave on the Right.  It’s always more fun to read a series in order!

Review By: Kathy Sasseman