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March 08, 2019

Edible Book Festival 2019

Books good enough to eat! Edible Book Festival is coming to HEPL.

Are you addicted to cake decorating shows such as Cake Wars, The Great British Bake Off, or even Nailed It? Think you’d like to try your hand at sculpting a confectionary masterpiece? Celebrate Edible Book Day by entering the Hamilton East Public Library’s Edible Book Festival Contest!

The festival will be held on Saturday April 27th at the Fishers Library. Participants should fill out an online entry form beforehand and bring their creations in at 12:30pm.

Judging will take place at 1:00pm with a public viewing of the edible creations from 2:00-3:00pm, followed by award presentations! During judging kids will be able to make “edible necklaces” out of various candies. Winners in each category will win a free cookbook!

Sign up here!

Additional Info:

  • Individuals, families, or groups may submit an entry in the contest.
  • Entries must be entirely edible (cake, bread, crackers, Jell-O, fruit, vegetables, candy, etc.) and must sit out for 3 hours without melting or turning bad. Toothpicks to hold pieces together, sticks for cake pops and paper wrapper for cupcakes, etc. are permissible. Candies used as decorative elements are also acceptable.
  • Dimensions of entry must be no more than 16inches by 24inches. (Small enough to fit on a table.)
  • The entry must be related to books in some way.


  • Can look like a book in form and shape.
  • Be inspired by a book or author!
  • Create a pun of a book title or reproduce a book cover.
  • Celebrate a book character!
  • It doesn’t have to be cake – anything edible goes!