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January 14, 2022

Cozy Winter Reading Program 2022

By: Lori Holewinski

Cozy Winter Reading ImageHamilton East Public Library’s annual Cozy Winter Reading Program runs from February 1-28, 2022. This program gives readers of all ages an incentive to stay cozy and read during this cold winter month. Enroll on Beanstack here or at hepl.beanstack.org/reader365.

Readers of all ages who log pages each week will be entered into a weekly drawing for gift cards to local businesses and other prizes.

Week One Feb 1-6
Week Two Feb 7-13
Week Three Feb 14-20
Week Four Feb 21-28

Readers will also earn a reading reward at 300 pages and at 600 pages during the program. You will easily reach 300 pages if you read 75 pages per week. To reach 600 pages, double that to 150 pages per week.

Babies through teens will select their reward at either library, while adults will direct their e-ticket toward the prize bundle of their choice in a final drawing.

In 2017, The National Endowment for the Humanities reported that 53% of American adults read at least one book for pleasure per year. What are some benefits adults reap from reading for fun?

  • fewer feelings of stress and depression than non-readers
  • stronger feelings of relaxation
  • higher levels of self-esteem
  • greater ability to cope with difficult situations
  • feeling closer to their friends and to their community
  • greater understanding and empathy with others
  • stronger and more engaged awareness of social issues and of cultural diversity

The 7th edition of the Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report found that a significant percentage of kids ages 6-17 read for fun 1-4 days a week. What are some reasons kids and teens give for recreational reading?

  • to explore places and worlds they have never been
  • to read about topics they want to become familiar with
  • to help them imagine and understand other people’s lives
  • to make them think and feel
  • to help them forget about real life for a while
  • to inspire them to do something good
  • to understand things they are experiencing

The Cleveland Clinic recommends reading to babies and toddlers for at least a few minutes each day, whether at a longer bedtime reading session or several shorter reading breaks each day. What do babies and toddlers gain from listening to books?

  • development of language and communication skills
  • understanding of concepts such as numbers, letters, colors and shapes
  • development of listening, memory and vocabulary skills
  • understanding the world around them
  • support for social and emotional development
  • development of thinking skills
  • bonding with their parent or caregiver

Reading is rewarding in so many ways. What will you gain by reading during February?

Cozy Winter Read Prize Bundles