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May 15, 2023

Construction News: Fishers Renovations FAQs

Renovations at the Fishers Library have entered Phase 2, which means our new main entrance is officially open! We’ve had a few questions from visitors about how to navigate and use the new space, so check below for some information about the Fishers Library during this next phase of construction.

How do I access the library?

Patrons may access the library through our new main entrance on the north or through our east entrance, located off the Nickel Plate Trail. The south entrance and parking lot are temporarily closed for Phase 2 of renovations but will reopen in the future.

Where do I park?

Parking can be found in our newly expanded parking lot, located on the north and east sides of the library. Parking lot access is on the north side of Municipal Drive, near Lantern Road.

Are there plans to put in a bike rack near the new entrance?

There will be a bike rack near the east entrance, right off of the Nickel Plate Trail, and there are plans to put another one near the main entrance.

Is there an elevator or ramp for handicapped and stroller accessibility?

Yes, there are elevators immediately to the right as you enter our new main entrance. Additionally, our east entrance near the children’s department remains open, with ramp access and handicapped parking right outside. When Phase 2 of renovations are complete, the south entrance will reopen, as well. Accessibility is very important to us.

Where do I return books and pickup holds?

An interior book return and holds pickup can be found near the main lobby service point. Patrons can access this area by taking the main entrance stairs, utilizing the elevators found just inside the main entrance doors, or by taking the east entrance ramp near our children’s department.

Is there going to be a permanent book return at the main entrance?

When Phase 2 of renovations are complete, the south entrance will reopen, including both our permanent interior and exterior book returns. There will not be a book return at the main entrance.

How do I access the Ignite Studio?

Patrons may access the Ignite Studio by entering through the main entrance. The Ignite Studio is located down the hallway, to the right.

Is the Adult Services wing reopened yet?

The Adult Services wing remains closed as we’re working through this next project phase of repainting and recarpeting. We will announce the wing’s reopening through our communication channels as soon as we’re able to.

Is there a quiet area to work or study?

The new lower-level meeting rooms have been opened as a quiet study area. There are plenty of tables and outlets for patrons to use. No reservations are required for this space. The quiet study area hallway is located past the elevators and to the right, after entering through the main entrance.

Is the Friends of the Library bookshop open?

The Friends of the Library bookshop in Fishers is currently closed for Phase 2 renovations and is not accepting donations, however the Friends of the Library bookshop in Noblesville is open.

Am I able to reserve a meeting room?

The meeting rooms off of the east entrance remain available for reservation. The new meeting rooms off of the main entrance aren’t yet available for reservation. We look forward to inviting you to reserve these rooms in the future. Learn more about our meeting rooms here.

Will there be a celebration event?

We plan to have a celebration event when Phase 2 of renovations is complete. Stay tuned!