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April 05, 2023

Celebrating Arab Heritage in Indiana: Arab American Heritage Month 2023

By Jessica Layman, Local History and Genealogy Librarian

Did you know that people with Arab heritage have been living in Indiana for more than 100 years?

Many assumptions are made about people who identify as Arab. Generally speaking, people of Arab descent or their ancestors are from countries in the Middle East and North Africa. They are sometimes Muslim, sometimes Orthodox Christian, or sometimes other religions. They very often speak Arabic, perhaps in addition to other languages.

Here in Indiana, up to 1,000 Arab people came to Indianapolis between the late 1800s and 1910. This group came mostly from Syria and Lebanon and settled in an area now dominated by Lucas Oil Stadium on the near South side. Over time, they built a community. Today, there are close to 30,000 Arab Hoosiers, with a population of 5,600 in Indianapolis and 3,200 in Hamilton County.

Arab Indianapolis: A Hidden History

Dr. Edward Curtis, himself a descendant of the first group of Arab immigrants to come to Indiana, is a history professor at IUPUI. He started a blog that explored the history of Arab immigrants in Indianapolis, and it soon became the basis for his book, Arab Indianapolis (2022). This also sparked the inspiration for his Arab Indianapolis: A Hidden History (2022) documentary on PBS. Because of his efforts, in 2022, April was declared to be Arab American Heritage Month in Indiana. This gives Hoosiers a great opportunity to learn more about their neighbors and themselves by celebrating the heritage of this community.

Join HEPL in celebrating Arab American Heritage Month at the Fishers Library on Saturday, April 29 from 2-4 PM. There will be a screening of the PBS documentary Arab Indianapolis: A Hidden History, followed by a panel discussion and Q&A with Hamilton County residents featured in the documentary. The facilitator of the panel discussion, Hiba Alalami, is the inaugural Executive Director of the Indiana Muslim Advocacy Network. This program is supported in part by a grant from Indiana Humanities.

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