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September 08, 2017

Botanical Beauty: 80 Essential Recipes for Natural Spa Products

Botanical Beauty: 80 Essential Recipes for Natural Spa Products

By: Aubre Andrus

This fun new teen book is full of great ideas for creating your own spa experience at home. Using ingredients that you probably already have in your home, you can create exfoliating face and hand scrubs, hand creams, facial wraps, cuticle balms, minty homemade toothpaste, nail-strengthening serum, spa towel wraps, natural shaving cream and much more!

This appealing book is designed like a cookbook with colorful pictures and a list of the ingredients needed to make each item. Most of the ingredients like baking soda, olive oil, vanilla extract and sea salt are common items found in most homes. There are a few specialty items needed that can be purchased at health food stores such as essential oils, vegetable glycerin, rosewater and beeswax. The author clearly describes the ingredients needed to make each item and explains why they are used.  The book also tell us where to find pretty bottles and jars for the products and how to make labels for them.

The layout is colorful and broken down into sections on Hands and Feet, Body, Face, Hair and Treat Yourself. At the end of the book there are pictures of spa product ideas that teens can make for gifts. The author reminds teens that it is important to pamper and take care of themselves. Taking even just five minutes to relax will help relieve stress, calm nerves and help you focus.

Review By: Jan Bridges