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October 05, 2015



By: Roland Smith

Pat O’Toole always looked up to his older brother, Coop. Coop is very…different. He doesn’t have friends, he won’t use a phone and he detests computers.

Coop has only really cared for two things in life: the thrill of being underground and his little bro, Pat.

Pat would help his older brother any chance he could get. Even with some of Coop’s crazier plans, such as digging a tunnel underneath their neighborhood in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. Following a huge fight with their parents, Coop runs away from home and leaves his only true friend behind. Exactly one year later, Pat receives a very special piece of mail in the form of a digital voice recorder with a cryptic message from Coop. Pat knows deep down that his older brother needs his help and it’s his duty to assist. He follows the clues to New York City and soon discovers that Coop has joined The Community, a self-sufficient society living within the bowels of NYC. Pat must overcome many obstacles (fear, paranoia, bad guys with guns, etc.) to find his big brother and bring him home.

Any fan of action and suspense will love this book by Roland Smith. The author does a wonderful job of creating tense scenes mixed with great character development and awkward teen humor. If you’re a fan of previous Roland Smith works then you’ll love this story. And if you’re new to him then you should definitely check out this book. You may feel a bit claustrophobic as you weave through the underside of NYC, but you definitely won’t be disappointed reading BENEATH. Grab a copy today! 4 out of 5 stars

Review By: Anders Arnold