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November 12, 2020

Celebrate National Aviation History Month

Celebrate National Aviation History Month

By: Anders Arnold

LookUp in the sky. It’s a bird…it’s a plane…It’s…a plane. Seriously, we’re going to celebrate aviation this month and my blog is going to focus on some great children’s and teen books all about flight. Highlighted below are some fantastic titles within our collection that will help educate, as well as excite your imagination. So, turn off all of your electronic devices (unless you’re perusing an ebook or eaudiobook). Move your seat to an upright position (or you can lay down to read…that’s fine too), and get ready for take off as we journey through the wonderful world of aviation. 

Children’s books (nonfiction): Prepare to be amazed & impressed with these legends of the air. Up, up, and away we go… 

Who were the Wright Brothers? by James Buckley, Jr. (j 999 Wri 2014)
This is the fascinating story of the two inventors and aviation pioneers who never lost sight of their dream: to fly, and to soar higher! 

Hidden Figures: the true story of four black women and the space race by Margot Lee Shetterly (j 510.9252 She 2018)
Hidden Figures explores the previously uncelebrated but pivotal contributions of NASA’s African American women mathematicians to America’s space program, describing how Jim Crow laws segregated them despite their groundbreaking successes. 

I am Amelia Earhart by Brad Meltzer (j B Earhart 2014)
I am Amelia Earhart presents the life of the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, who mysteriously disappeared in 1937 while attempting to fly around the world. 

Fly Girls: the daring American women pilots who helped win WWII by P. O’Connell Pearson (j 940.5449 Pea 2018)
This book offers a beautifully written account of the remarkable but often forgotten group of female fighter pilots who answered their country’s call in its time of need during World War II. 

Bessie Coleman by Sara Spiller (j B Coleman Bessie 2019)
Sara Spiller examines the life of aviation pioneer Bessie Coleman in a simple, age-appropriate way that will help children develop word recognition and reading skills. 

You Can Fly: the Tuskegee Airmen by Carole Boston Weatherford (j 811.6 Wea 2016)
From training days in Alabama to combat on the front lines in Europe, this is the story of the Tuskegee Airmen, the groundbreaking African-American pilots of World War II. 

To Fly Among the Stars: the hidden story of flight for women astronauts by Rebecca Siegel (j 629.45 Ris 2020)
Rebecca Siegel 
recounts the early years of air and space exploration and the daring exploits of America’s first astronauts — both the men and women who were called upon to train. 

Flight by Andrew Nahum, a DK Eyewitness book (j 629.13 Nah 2011)
Flight traces the history and development of aircraft from hot-air balloons to jetliners, and includes information on the principles of flight and the inner workings of various flying machines. 

Children’s books (fiction): Now that all the learning about aviation is out of the way, let’s get flyin’ with some fantastic tales from the sky & beyond… 

Marty’s mission: an Apollo 11 story by Judy Young (j PIC BK Young J.)
s the Apollo 11 mission draws to a close there is a crisis at the tracking station on Guam — and 10yr old Marty is the only one small enough to reach in and grease the ball bearings that allow the antenna to move. 

Fly by Nathan Clement (j PIC BK Clement N.)
hile on her first airplane ride with her parents, a young girl experiences the many steps involved in a flight including boarding the plane, takeoff, food service, and landing. 

Away in my airplane by Margaret Wise Brown (j PIC BK Brown M.)
See the birds way up high and the people down below in this rhyme full of movement, wonder, and excitement. 

ABCs on wings by Ramon Olivera (j PIC BK Olivera R.)
ids will learn their ABCs through the amazing world of aviation. From A is for ace to Z is for zeppelin, young children will be introduced to biplanes, carriers, gliders, jets, and many more vehicles of flight. 

The Nerdy Dozen by Jeff Miller (j FIC Miller J.)
ecruited by the Air Force after hacking into a classified military training program, video game buddies pilot what they believe to be an Air Force simulator to find a missing jet and rescue two endangered pilots. 

The Berenstain Bears take off! by Mike Berenstain (j I CAN READ Berenstain)
ttending the Big Air Show at Bear Country Airport, the Berenstain Bears learn all about the history of flight. 

Today I will fly! by Mo Willems (j I CAN READ Willems M.)
hile Piggie is determined to fly, Elephant is skeptical, but when Piggie gets a little help from others, amazing things happen. 

YA books (fiction & nonfiction): Books about pilots and flight aren’t just for kids. Check out these teen titles featuring awesome aviators and a four-legged friend… 

We Rule the Night by Claire Eliza Bartlett (YA FIC Barlett C.)
olds Revna, the daughter of a traitor, and Linné, the daughter of a general, must use forbidden magic to fly planes in wartime despite their deep dislike of each other. 

A Thousand Sisters : the heroic airwomen of the Soviet Union in World War II by Elizabeth Wein (YA 940.5449 Wei 2019)
inspiring true story of the first ever female combat pilots who set out to change the world, and the sisterhood they formed even amid the destruction of World War II. 

Flygirl by Sherri L. Smith (YA FIC Smith S.)
During World War II, a light-skinned African American girl “passes” for white in order to join the Women Air Force Service Pilots. 

Laika by Nick Abadzis (YA GRAPHIC FIC Abadzis N.)
rom the dog’s point of view, follows the adventures of the first animal sent into space by the Soviet Union. 

Check out a museum: Another great place to learn all about aviation, and sometimes a small road trip is a good thing too! 

 Well, it’s time to prepare for landing as our journey here comes to an end. But, I hope your reading journey has just begun. There are so many great books, articles, movies, and places highlighting the history & importance of aviation that I’m positive your sky-high adventure has just begun. Stay safe, keep reading, and I’ll see you around the baggage carousel.