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January 17, 2018

Zamboni Tales

Zamboni Tales

By: Connie Boomer

I was talking with a friend of mine a while back about doing something we had always wanted to do.  Some might say they wished to go on a safari, or maybe jump from an airplane.  But not my friend, oh no, she wants to ride on a Zamboni!  For those of you scratching your head and asking what is a Zamboni – a Zamboni is a large machine used to resurface the ice at the arena.  It looks like a really oversized box on wheels, with a nifty perch on the back where the driver sits.  It chews up a fine layer of ice and puts it back down where it quickly refreezes into a smooth glassy surface for the skaters.  I don’t think speed is an issue with this machine, although it might hold its own on 37!


By now you have guessed that we are both nuts about that other sport, hockey.  If you want to learn about hockey the library has lots of books about the subject.  There are fiction stories about hockey and non-fiction books about how the game is played are located in the 796.96 collections in both the adult and children’s areas of the library.  There are books about National Hockey League teams and Olympic hockey competitions.   There are biographies about hockey greats like Gordie Howe and Wayne Gretzky.  Follow up your research by taking in a Fuel game at Farmers Coliseum.

So, when football season is over, and all that dribbling is getting boring, check out our favorite sport!

Oh, by the way, although the Zamboni might be fun, my dream is to ride along on one of those big snow plows!