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September 07, 2021

The Road to Completing College Applications: Application Deadlines and Family

By Maggie Chen

College applications are a tedious, nerve-wracking, and most importantly, stressful experience. Although college applications begin at the end of junior year and the start of senior year, much of the content that goes into an application comes from the years prior. If you need a computer or WiFi, you can visit the Hamilton East Public Library.  

In this series, the different components of a college application will be addressed. College applications have a couple sections: application deadline, family, academics, activities, writing, letters of recommendation, FERPA, transcripts, test scores, and AP scores. The series will also address application fees, FAFSA, college application portals, and college visits.

Each college application is unique and different. Some colleges will ask that you complete the application through their website or through Common App with a personal email. Students may also utilize Naviance to communicate with their counselors and teachers for this application process. 

Starting an application early allows for you to be less stressed and to submit a quality college application before the deadline. Begin the college application process by indicating your application deadline selection and providing information about your family.  

Application deadline: There are specific times when applications for colleges are due. If you want to qualify for merit-based scholarships and tuition aid, I encourage you to apply for Early Action, if possible. You should also prioritize colleges you have a strong desire to attend over colleges that have less appeal when completing applications to meet the deadlines. Remember to check the college’s website for their application deadlines since some colleges have a different timeline. Click here to find other types of application deadlines.  

If you previously took either the PSAT or PACT and checked the box for allowing colleges to contact you, expect to receive tons of emails and mail from colleges your junior and senior year. You may receive brochures, packets, letters, stickers, etc. from these colleges which is exciting and appealing. Another thing you should check for closer to your senior year are special applications for select nominees. Some of these applications give applicants advantages such as waived application fees, no essay requirements, and earlier admission notice, etc.  

Family: College applications will want to know about your family. When filling out this section, you may be asked about your parents’ civil or marital status and their jobs, if applicable. If you have any siblings, the application will also ask about them. Most colleges will look for family members that are alumni of the college. This section will also include questions about your citizenship, general background (race, gender, DOB, etc.)  

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