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July 25, 2016

The Mystery of Hollow Places

Mystery of Hollow PlacesThe Mystery of Hollow Places

By: Rebecca Podos

When Imogene Scott was only two, her mother left and never came back. All “Immy” knows is what her father (a successful writer of medical mysteries) told her: That her mother was “troubled waters,” incredibly sad and lonely. Now when Imogene is 17, her father disappears without a trace, too. She believes that her dad went looking for her mom…and she is determined to find him. This is not an edge-of-your-seat mystery or a thriller but an excellent psychological drama.

The author does a fine job showing how much Imogene’s past (absence of mother, father’s bipolar disorder and his new wife) weighed on her and shaped her perception of the world and the people around her.

The buildup of Mystery of Hollow Places is slow and some readers may find it too boring for their tastes, or they may find it too difficult to sympathize with such a troubled character. Those who stick it out (like me) will be rewarded with a deeply moving story and a conclusion full of hope.

Review By: Ellen Dworkin