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March 20, 2017

The Indiana Room Collection – Brown County

The Indiana Room Collection – Brown County

By: Justin Davis, Indiana Room Digital Assistant

Ever since I moved to Indiana in the early 2010’s, Brown County has held a special place in my heart. It’s a place that I can go to disconnect from daily life, either by exploring the incredible nature of the state park, or losing myself in all the local shops, cafes, wineries, breweries etc, of Nashville, Indiana. There’s something there for everyone, and now that winter is on its way out, I bet I’m not the only person looking forward to traveling there soon.


Did you know that the Indiana Room at the Hamilton East Public Library has numerous books about Brown County, including photographs and histories? You can come visit us and look at beautiful photographs in “Brown County: Paradise in the Hills” or “Brown County Mornings”. Also, you can learn more about its rich and vibrant history and culture in books like “”The Artists of Brown County” and “Brown County: History and Families 1836-1990”.

Reading these materials can you give some great ideas for your next trip to this popular destination. For instance,  you can learn some interesting local tidbits about characters such as Abe Martin ( If you’re thinking it’s the same Abe Martin they named the lodge after in the state park, you’re right!), or the artist’s colony that formed earlier in the 20th century. The beautiful photographs in these books can also give you ideas for your next camping or hiking trip.

But whatever type of way you would like to spend your time in Brown County, the Indiana Room at Hamilton East Public Library has you covered, so come visit us today!