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September 19, 2016

The House on Tradd Street

captureThe House on Tradd Street

By: Karen White

A mysterious ghost story + a dash of romance = the perfect end of summer read!  Karen White’s The House on Tradd Street is the first in her Tradd Street series, and it’s a step back to the late 2000s when everyone had a flip phone and listened to CDs.

The book introduces readers to Melanie Middleton, a realtor in Charleston who recently inherited a historic home from a stranger.  She’s a straight-laced professional who loves her routine and minimalist condo, and the last thing she wants to do is renovate a crumbling mansion.

Melanie has a gift – she sees ghosts.  She spends most of the novel trying to avoid the spirits that follow her, seeking her help.  Getting the keys to a home filled with secrets and potential danger is not what she signed up for, especially when the ghosts won’t leave her alone.  Melanie soon discovers that she’s not the only one who wants to be left in peace.

There’s a cast of quirky friends and a pair of very handsome Southern gentlemen who keep things interesting.   Jack is a writer and researcher looking for redemption and his next bestseller, Sophie is her fashion-challenged BFF, and Mark’s the mysterious stranger.  There is delightful banter between Jack and Melanie as they search for clues.  It’s enough romance to keep it light and fun, but not enough to take away from the mysteries of Tradd Street.

White does an excellent job transporting readers to the South, from the manners and hospitality to the warm descriptions of the historic homes and low country boils.  The pacing is quick, keeping the suspense up in each chapter.  While you may figure out the mystery before the end, it’s worth following Melanie and company through the adventures on Tradd Street and historical Charleston.

Looking for more Melanie?  Check out book two in the Tradd Street series, The Girl on Legare Street.

Review By:  Kirsten Edwards