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May 03, 2016

The Goodbye Book

The Goodbye BookThe Goodbye Book

By Todd Parr

Nobody likes to think about saying goodbye to someone they love but when the time comes it is good to know there are good books that give guidance and support. Todd Parr has written just such a picture book for children (and adults). The Goodbye Book is about a little fish that lives with his friend in the same fish bowl until one day his friend is gone. The author takes the reader through the different stages of grief and related emotions ending the book on a positive note by saying, “But you’ll remember that there will always be someone to love you and hold you tight.”His illustrations are brightly colored and simple. You can feel the little fishes pain and joy. The author has written over thirty books for children. I feel this is one of his best. He admitted to the young reader that it has been one of his hardest books to write-“because it’s never easy to say goodbye.” He writes at the end of the book – “We all get sad when we say goodbye to someone we love. Always try to remember all the happy times you shared together. The End. Love, Todd”

Review By: Johnna Isbell