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May 09, 2016

The Doodles of Sam Dibble

The Doodles of Sam DibbleThe Doodles of Sam Dibble

By J. Press

Sam Dibble would rather doodle than do anything else. He is preparing for his birthday party. Each chapter of this book brings Sam closer and closer to his birthday. He has told his friends that a famous wrestler, Demo Dan, will be attending his party. Sam crosses his fingers when he tells his friends about this special guest. Hopefully Demo Dan will be there or Sam will have to give all his Halloween candy to Max, who doesn’t believe Sam.

I would recommend children ages 7 to 9 especially boys. There are lots of doodles to keep young readers interested and full of silly humor. There is a variety of characters that interact with Sam in school and at home. This is the first book in the Sam Dibble series.

Review By: Roberta O’Boyle