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October 07, 2015

The Bullet

The BulletThe Bullet

By: Mary Louise Kelly

Do you like suspenseful novels with a twist?  If you liked Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train but hated the characters, this is the novel for you.  The Bullet, written by NPR journalist Mary Louise Kelly, is a great suspense story with much more likable characters.  The ending may leave you a little uneasy but it will not leave you questioning your faith in humanity.

Caroline Cashion, a 37 year-old introvert and professor of French literature at Georgetown University in Washington D.C., has an x-ray after she has some debilitating pain in her wrist.  It is discovered that she has a bullet lodged in her neck.  She thinks there must be some mistake as she has never been shot.  It is revealed that she was adopted at the age of 3 after her parents were murdered and she was left for dead.  Her adopted parents had no idea the bullet had not been removed.  The story deepens as Caroline investigates her past and finds herself in danger as a result of the bullet in her neck.  It is not only dangerous to her because it may shift and cause severe damage but because it could be evidence in the unsolved murders of her parents.

This is a great book that pulls you into the story from the first few pages.  If you want a novel that you cannot put down until you find out what happens next, check out this book.  Regular print and large print copies are available.

Review By: Heidi Herald