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July 06, 2015

The Book With No Pictures

Book With No PicturesThe Book With No Pictures

By: B.J. Novak


Warning to parents! You will read this book over and over and over!
Children love this book but why?
It is a “picture book” with no pictures!
I think children love the book because it is full of silliness that children love.
Silly made up words, silly poetry and even a little silly potty talk.
It makes children laugh.
The more children read the book or even better when they get adults to read the book to them, they laugh.

It does have phonetically challenging words for children to sound out but the real attraction of this book is its ability to make them laugh and enjoy the book again and again and again…

“When I went out to the schools to promote summer reading this was the book they wanted read 90% of the time!” -Johnna

Review By: Johnna Isbell