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September 18, 2017

Revenge of the Evil Librarian

Revenge of the Evil Librarian

By: Michelle Knudsen

In a sizzling sequel to Evil Librarian, author Michelle Knudsen offers up more intense action mixed with some teen romance and laugh-out-loud comedy. Last fall, Cynthia (Cyn for short) dispatched the demon librarian Mr. Gabriel saving her best friend and the entire student body from a horrible demise.

Amazingly, she was able to do this while constructing the most awesome set design for the school play, Sweeney Todd. Now it is time to sit back, relax and get ready for some summer fun at theater camp with her new boyfriend Ryan and no demons. Right?

As soon as she gets to camp Cyn realizes this summer “vacation” may not the relaxing, fun time she had in mind. Right off the bat, she meets her boyfriend’s best friend. A girl! A fact that Ryan never mentioned before and on top of all that, she is pretty darn good looking too. Plus, it seems the demon stuff hasn’t fully run its course through Cyn’s life. At least things could not be as bad, or as evil, as they were during the school year. Mr. Gabriel is long gone so really, what is there to worry about…

Another great entry in the smart, scary and funny series by author Michelle Knudsen. If you like books about demons mixed with a bit of romance and some good old-fashioned laughs then this title is perfect for you. Some minor foul language and a few graphic descriptive scenes, but overall not too over the top in either category. Audience: Teen, Grade 10-12 (Ages 15-18). Five out of five stars!

Review By: Anders Arnold