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April 05, 2017



By: Cornelia Funke

Twelve year old Meggie lives a quiet, rural life with her father, Mo. Mo is a book binder and books have always been a big part of Meggie’s life. Meggie’s mother disappeared when she was little and her father won’t talk about it. When Meggie was a child, her father would read to her and his melodious voice kept her enthralled in every book that he was reading. But one day, Mo suddenly stopped reading to her and Meggie never knew why. When a mysterious man named, Dustfinger arrives at their house late one rainy night, Mo realizes that they are in danger and they abandon their house to hide at her Aunt Elinor’s home in Italy.

Only then does Meggie find out what is wrong. The last book her father read to her was Inkheart. Her father’s beautiful voice actually brought the book characters to life. Dustfinger and the evil Capricorn were read out of the book and Meggie’s mother was read into it. Dustfinger wants Mo to read him back into the story, so that he can go home. Capricorn wants to find the copy of Inkheart and use Mo’s voice for his own evil gain. Soon they are on an adventure to find Meggie’s mother and defeat Capricorn. This exciting fantasy adventure has many twists and turns, wonderful characters, both good and bad, and an imaginative plot. Each chapter begins with quotes from famous books for children. This book, about books, will be enjoyed by many but is especially recommended for grades 4-9.


Review By: Jan Bridges