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October 17, 2023

Indiana Ghost Stories

By Heidi Herald, Public Services Librarian

Do you like scary stories? Do you like Indiana history? Why not combine your interests and check out some of these Hoosier haunted tales! All titles are available digitally or in print at either the Fishers or Noblesville location (or both). Happy Hauntings!

Wicked Fishers by Robert Bowling

A history of Fishers’ lawless past. Pretty scary stuff!

Ghosts of Madison, Indiana by Virginia Dyer Jorgensen

This book is a chilling collection of the ghostly legends and lore of historic Madison, Indiana.

Haunted Backroads: Ghosts of Westfield by Nicole Kobrowski

Through her accounts of unearthly inhabitants who would rather scratch or scare you than share the space, Kobrowski reveals for the first time in print, the creepy, unnatural, and downright frightening supernatural stories that are part of Westfield’s history and allure.

Haunted Hoosier Halls: Indiana University by Kat Klockow

Tour Indiana University’s spooky Bloomington campus and Southern Indiana’s haunted houses and creepy corners. Be introduced to timeless campus ghosts such as the Girl in Yellow of Read Hall who stumbles about looking for her sliced-away face, the shadow dog that growls and patrols the Indiana Memorial Union, and the Lady in Black who has drifted along sidewalks of East Third Street since 1911.

Cursed Circle City by Nicole Kobrowski

With well-researched history and ghost stories from people who investigate them for a living, this book brings to life the history and haunted Indianapolis icons in an easy-to-read book.

Haunted Backroads: Central Indiana and Other Stories by Nicole Kobrowski

This book includes stories from: Indianapolis / Marion Co., Westfield and Noblesville / Hamilton Co., Anderson / Madison Co., Hendricks Co., New Albany / Floyd Co., Jeffersonville / Jefferson Co. and many high quality pictures of sites, people and possible hauntings. These real ghost stories have been researched in great detail by true believers with a vast background in historical research.

Haunted Backroads: Ghosts of Madison County, Indiana by Nicole Kobrowski

Packed with over 200 pages of hauntings, history, and photos, this book covers the highlights of haunted Madison County for residents and visitors- cemeteries, hotels, historic homes, and businesses. This book has something for everyone interested in history, Indiana, and the paranormal.

Unseenpress.com’s Official Encyclopedia of Haunted Central Indiana by Nicole Kobrowski

The Encyclopedia of Haunted Central Indiana examines the history and folklore of Indiana’s fascinating paranormal locations. Ghosts and other assorted paranormal entities inhabit jails, asylums, cemeteries, homes, and businesses; all are unique with their own special history and hauntings. With over 30 years experience in the paranormal field, Nicole Kobrowski has visited over 90% of the locations and found a host of others in her research to keep you busy.

Unseenpress.com’s Official Encyclopedia of Haunted Indiana by Nicole Kobrowski

The Encyclopedia of Haunted Indiana examines the history and folklore of Indiana’s fascinating paranormal locations. In this reference book, the author adds more locations and more ghosts.

Unseenpress.com’s Official Encyclopedia of Haunted Southern Indiana by Nicole Kobrowski

More history and folklore about haunted locations in Southern Indiana.

Haunted Indiana by Mark Marimen, Volumes 1-4

Four different volumes containing a collection of Indiana ghost stories.

Hoosier Hauntings by K.T. MacRorie

Have you ever been scared by what goes bump in the night? Does that old house at the edge of town send chills down your spine for no apparent reason? Then settle down in a soft chair, take a deep breath, turn on all the lights, and dive into Hoosier Hauntings.

Spooky Indiana: Tales of Hauntings, Strange Happenings, and Other Local Lore by S.E. Schlosser

Pull up a chair or gather round the campfire and get ready for creepy tales of ghostly hauntings, eerie happenings, and other strange occurrences in the Hoosier State.

Haunted Bloomington, Indiana by Klara Lee Sweet

For many, the most terrifying sight in Bloomington is the bathroom in a freshman dorm, but even more disturbing things lurk in the dark corners of this college town. Join Bloomington native Klara Lee Sweet on a spine-tingling tour of the city’s spectral history.

Ghost Stories of Indiana by Eldrick Thay

Indiana, Crossroads of America, is known as a place rich in folklore, where spirits and ghosts intermingle with the lives of ordinary Hoosiers, often with strange and frightening consequences.

Haunted Crown Point, Indiana by Judith Tometczak

From the jail cell that once held John Dillinger to quaint shops with dark beginnings, the restless spirits of Crown Point purportedly result from a century-old hex.

Haunted Indiana: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Hoosier State by James A. Willis

A selection of the state’s bone-chilling stories of the paranormal, including . . . The ghosts of Kendalville’s Strand Theatre, San Pierre’s Dog-Headed Woman, The Haunted Purple Head Bridge near Vincennes, Indianapolis’s House of Blue Lights, and The Creepy 100 Steps Cemetery Outside of Brazil.

Haunted Hoosier Trails: A Guide to Indiana’s Famous Folklore Spooky Sites by Wanda Lou Willis

When settlers first came to Indiana before 1800, the Miami, Delaware, and Potawatomi tribes who already inhabited the region had a long tradition of stories about tragic death and haunting spirits. Pioneers, the builders of Indiana canals, villagers, and city dwellers added their own tales of mansions where sad deaths occurred and where spirits walked and of murderers and kidnappers whose foul crimes seemed to be punished from beyond the grave. These traditions have been passed on to us today, joined by modern folk tales that raise the hair on the head and startle the imagination.

More Haunted Hoosier Trails by Wanda Lou Willis

Indiana folklorist Wanda Lou Willis is back with all-new ghostly tales in this hair-raising companion to Haunted Hoosier Trails. Wanda explores Indiana’s hidden history in spooky locations around the state. Local history buffs will relish the informative county histories that begin each chapter, while thrill-seekers will eagerly search out these frightening spots.