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March 02, 2021

Teen Guest Blog – Hot or Not: Manga/Anime 

By Niko 

Hello, hello! This little segment is about what Manga/Anime are hot and which are not. As a note, this is all my opinion and you can disagree or agree with me. Also, I will try to include as many genres as possible. Here is a list of good manga you probably passed up. 

Library Wars, by Kirro Yumi 

You might have passed up this series because of its name, but don’t be fooled, this romantic comedy is full of wit and action.  If you’re into comedy, romance, and action this is definitely something you should check out. 

Pet Shop of Horrors, by Matsuri Akino 

This fantasyfilled pet shop story is whimsical and full of dark storytelling. This manga series is about a pet shop in Chinatown that is connected to a bunch of mysterious deaths. Each chapter you follow a new person and their unique “pets”. 

Royal Tutor, by Higasa Akai 

This fun manga follows a short tutor and his journey to teach four of the interesting royal boys. All of the princes have shortcomings that make them both funny and unsuitable for the throne.  

Clover, by Clamp 

This dystopian manga sadly got cancelled before it could finish, but it’s still an interesting read. There are a lot of gears and gadgets, though we’ll never quite get to know the full powers. In Clover there are special children called clovers. Those with 4 leaves are the rarest and most protected, and those with 1 leaf are the most common.  

Line, by Yua Kotegawa  

This heartwrenching manga follows a girl as she gets a mysterious string of texts telling her where a random person is going to end their life. She’s not sure who is sending these texts, or why, or even how. All she knows is that she wants to save all these people.  

Thanks for reading this list! I hope next time you see these manga you’ll consider giving them a second look. 

Note: all these manga can be found at least at one of the HEPL libraries. 

Meet Niko

Niko is a 15-year old at Noblesville High School. They enjoy horror, despite the fact that their anxiety does not in fact like horror. Edgar Allan Poe and H.P Lovecraft are their horror authors. They also enjoy anime and manga. Their favorite book universe is the Percy Jackson multiseries universe and they were very sad when the last related book came out. They also enjoy books and stories in the mystery genre, especially if there’s murder involved. Other than books, they enjoy writing, music, and art. They are currently working on writing a story, maybe one day it’ll be published.