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August 22, 2016

Hooray for Hat

Hooray for HatHooray for Hat

By: Brian Won

“Happiness is best when it is shared!”- Brian Won

This is a cute, lighthearted, and fun read-aloud picture book for younger children. The story begins with Elephant who wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and is soon pleasantly surprised by mysterious box by his front door. Inside, he finds some very fun and amusing hats which instantly turn his frown upside down. Elephant cannot keep his happiness to himself, and decides to share it with his friend Zebra who in turn “pays it forward” and visits Turtle and on they go until all of their animal friends cannot help but to smile and shout “Hooray for Hat” as they each don their very own unique hat. Although somewhat symbolic for the targeted audience, if the children are encouraged to participate in its enthusiastic reading it will not matter. Won demonstrates the infectious nature of kindness and sharing in a simple, yet effective way for the very young. It is no wonder why Hooray for Hat! Was voted as the 2016 Indiana Early Literacy Firefly Award winner! Toddlers will enjoy chiming in with each animal as they ecstatically exclaim, “Hooray for Hat!”

A creative activity kit can be downloaded from Won’s website, which perfectly accompanies the bright and uncluttered illustrations in the book. If read to a group of children, consider asking them what cheers them up when they are in a grumpy mood and let them make craft hats.

“Won explores the way a simple gift and a little attention from friends can have nearly magical healing properties.” —Publishers Weekly, May 2016

Review By: Christina Fitch