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October 27, 2015



By: Helen Frost

A 2013-14 Young Hoosier Award.

A very believeable and riveting story about two young girls Wren and Darra.   The girls alternate telling their stories. The story starts with  a flashback where Wren sets up the crime. When she was 8 years old, her mother ran into a convenience store and left Wren in the car with the keys so that she could play the radio. She hears a gun shot and hides under a blanket in the rear of the car. A man jumps into the car and drives off, unaware that Wren is hiding in the back. He parks the car in his garage where Wren finally escapes but not before the man’s daughter, Darra, notices that Wren is hiding but doesn’t tell anyone. Darra tries to help her by leaving food in the garage. When she escapes, Wren goes to the first house she encounters; the adults call the police, the man is apprehended and sent to jail.  Now to flash forward…now both girls are 12-years-old and end up at the same summer camp in the same bunkhouse. Where they finally realize who each other.  The writing style is in free verse. “In an author’s afterward, you learn that the last word in each long sentence of Darra’s story make another sentence and give further insight into her thoughts.”

Review By: Donna Warfel