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August 21, 2017

Duncan, the Story Dragon

Duncan, the Story Dragon

By: Amanda Driscoll


Have you ever been so excited about or by a story that your imagination just goes wild or better yet catches fire?   That is exactly what happened to Duncan the Dragon who loves to read.  He gets so excited about reading that he catches his books on fire making him wonder about the endings.  So desperate to find out the endings of his books he finds creative ways and locations to read his books without catching them on fire.  Will Duncan ever reach the ending or will he give up. This was a fun book to read.   I highly recommend it.

Driscoll’s illustrations are pencil sketches.  “She varies full-bleed paintings with vignettes surrounded by white space, imaginary scenes rendered in monochrome to set them apart.  This bright, warm tale about friendship and a love for books will make this a great story time favorite.

I recommend for ages: 4 – 6

A Young Hoosier Award Winner.

Review By: Donna Warfel